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To run a successful business you need talented employees. In order to attract these individuals, you must provide a competitive benefits package that gives employees the ability to choose and customize plans to specifically fit their needs. Today’s employees are more sophisticated, informed, and involved in determining the direction of their retirement and value of offered benefits programs.

Section 401(c) regulations have further encouraged investment options and employee understanding of these options. This means that employers can no longer attract the top-talented team members with one basic employee retirement/benefits package, but must typically offer a wide menu of customizable plan options to even turn the heads of potential employees.

Employee Benefits
Retirement Plan Administration

We Help Employers

  • Strategic Retirement Planning
  • Employee Plan Education
  • Comprehensive Plan Administration
  • Design and Implementation of Plans
  • Plan Consulting
  • Ongoing Compliance and Termination
  • Prepare Written Employee Plan Documentation
  • Complete Turnkey Service

Businesses today not only have a responsibility to educate employees on these benefits package options, but must ensure that these plans are properly administered.

Lanier and Company has the expertise to reduce the time-consuming burden of today’s complex employee benefits and retirement planning and administration.

Our professionals can help you maximize your employee benefits under defined contribution profit sharing plans, cash balance plans, and traditional and Roth IRAs and SIMPLE-IRAs.

In addition, we review plan documents, including summary plan descriptions, employee notices, requests for IRS determination letters or private letter rulings, beneficiary designations, survivor annuities, waiver forms, and other required materials.

Lanier and Company’s team of certified retirement plan professionals remove the hassle of developing, implementing, and administering talent-attracting retirement plans, leaving you more time to focus on your business and the human resources you will need to build your success. Call us today to put our extensive experience to work for you and your business.

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