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Running a business can be difficult, but also can be rewarding. Competent management, fortitude, marketing, and efficient operation are all essential elements to be successful. Our goal at Lanier and Company is not only to equip you with the tools you need to run your business efficiently, but to assist you in ways that you can maximize your time spent managing your business while optimizing profits. This requires shrewd tax and financial planning, and the proven expertise of our financial advisors who possess the required knowledge to help you grow and realize your full profitability.

Our advisors excel in assisting businesses from many different locations with the intricacies of ever-changing, multi-faceted tax laws. As a Lanier and Company client, we will help you manage your finances, prepare for a business acquisition or sale, and maximize income tax deductions to help you reduce income taxes. You can be confident that we will work to ensure that more of your earnings are reaching the bottom line.

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    Spend Less Time Worrying

    We welcome all opportunities to aid you in your quest for financial security and success. As a small business owner, you have more important things to do than analyze the intricacies of complex tax laws and regulations. We at Lanier and Company can take care of your books and records so that you can spend your time on some of the other more time consuming tasks required to keep your business running efficiently and smoothly.

    Lanier and Company’s team of business-savvy financial advisors is ready to help you take complete control over your financial health through the utilization of any number of our many services designed to lighten your tax load and increase your bottom line. Call us now so we can get started helping you to maximize your profits today.

    We Can Assist You With

    • Business tax planning and filing
    • Choosing the best entity structure, accounting method, and tax year
    • Selection and evaluation of employee benefit programs
    • Structuring deferred compensation plans
    • Cost-segregation studies and capital acquisition depreciation planning
    • Fund allocation and investment planning
    • Capitalization and financing procurement
    • Individual tax, planning, and preparation
    • Retirement gift and estate planning

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