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Small to mid-size business owners look to QuickBooks to provide accounting data critical to their operations. QuickBooks is affordable for most business owners and can easily be customized to your company and its specific needs. Transactions can be automated through the use of online bill pay, online banking, online billing, and memorized transactions which will save you time and money. The software also provides a wide array of reporting capabilities and integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and ACT.

We are here to assist you with clean up and organization of your bookkeeping systems. Whether you need assistance in examining your financial data, preparing reports for an income tax return, or just want to correct some problem areas, we are here to help. Lanier and Company can support you in making educated decisions for your business based on information supplied by reports generated in QuickBooks.

A Certified ProAdvisor is available to work with you on questions or problems as they arise.

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